Breakfast at the Laurel Oak Inn

 Pick your room and join the table!

Our Offerings

The beautiful Laurel Oak Inn offers a Continental breakfast buffet from 8 AM to 10 AM on weekdays and a hot breakfast buffet from 8 AM to 10 AM on weekends. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know. Guests can eat anywhere on the property, including the tables on the front porch, the kitchen sitting room, the dining room, or the back patio.

After Breakfast

While we do not offer lunch or dinner at the Inn, feel free to explore our neighborhood or ask us personally for recommendations. We always offer complimentary beverages and snacks day or night. Feel free to also order additional snacks from The Laurel Oak Inn. These suite surprises are sure to be loved by everyone. To name a few, we offer charcuterie boards, picnic baskets, and even chocolate-covered strawberries. If you are looking for a way to wow someone this is the way to do it!